Visualizing Historical NBA All Star Game Scoring with Tableau

This year’s All Star Game pitting Team LeBron vs Team Steph was an unexpected delight - seemingly the first time in years that any actual defense was played (thanks Joel Embiid!) and the players truly cared about the outcome. Accordingly, the total points scored dropped from last year’s all time high of 374 to a more “normal” 293.

That’s still a ton of points though - certainly a lot more than any old regular season basketball game… which got me thinking - was the All Star Game always like this? Take a peek at the Tableau visualization I put together to take a look at the question - it’s clear that there has been rampant score inflation over the last 5 or 6 years after a long period of relative stability. We’ll have to see if this year is any indicator of All Star Games to come, but at the very least it was a blast to see Team LeBron and Team Steph go down to the wire.