NBA Scoring Leaders and Most/Least Improved Players

NBA Scoring Leaders

Now that we’re a few weeks into the NBA season, it’s fun to see who is having note-worthy starts to the year. The chart above shows the top twenty scores in the league by game and their gain/decline relative to last season. It’s fun to see players like Kemba Walker and Zach LaVine elevating their games amongst the league elite thus far this year, and will be intersting to see if they can continue to keep pace with the likes of Curry, Durant, and Lillard.

On the flipside, players like Tyreke Evans, Avery Bradley, and Michael Beasley have all had large declines in the scoring averages as their teams and roles have changed. Given that they have demonstrated potential for a higher level of production previously in their careers, I would not be surprised for these players to have at least some positive regression in their numbers as the season continues.

Most Improved and Biggest Declines