US Airline Flight Maps

No real story here - just wanted to make some fun airline maps! The graphics you’ll see below were created by mapping hub airports for each major US air carrier and then showing flight traffic to and from all other major flight hubs. Cities are sized by the relative passenger volume of all connecting flights through that destination.

I’ve (tried to) follow each airline’s brand guides for color and styling on each map. Some, like American and Virgin, turned out great, while other color palettes like United and Southwest didn’t map as well to a two-color format… 🤷‍♂️

With that said, I still think they look cool enough to include! Comparing service across the country was my main goal, and I think these charts give a fun picture of each carrier’s distinct regionality.

All flight data was sourced from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and airport data comes from OpenFlights.

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

United Air Lines

Southwest Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Jetblue Airlines

Virgin America